We've all been there. You just shot a deer (or bear, or other game) and it ran off, out of sight. You have that excitement of having just made the shot, you want to go ook for it right away, but you know better. You have to let it go lie down somewhere. But during the wait you start to sense a certain uneasiness creeping in also – that uneasiness that you will be able to track it down and recover the animal. You patiently wait for what seems to be forever and then eagerly go to the location the animal was standing when you made the shot. You find blood and your search begins. At the start of the blood trail, there is plenty of blood. But, soon the blood starts to be harder to locate and see. Darkness is fast approaching and you're getting that gut-wrenching feeling of whether you will ever find the animal. The blood trail gets harder and harder to find. The blood trail goes down to a drop or two here and there. Darkness settles in and your flashlight and friends aren't finding any more blood... try FineBlood™.

FineBlood™ makes blood visible during night tracking by making even the smallest drop of blood glow a brilliant blue color. Immediately upon contact with blood it will glow in the dark – all by itself. No other special lights are needed.

FineBlood™ is another tool for you to use when tracking wounded game at night. Now you can use FineBlood™ and ensure that your eyes and the flashlight don't miss that precious clue. It works in all environments, even if it has rained on your blood trail and the blood has become colorless (even days later). FineBlood™ is to help get you back on the trail. As long as there is blood… FineBlood™ will find it!

As sportsman we have a responsibility to do everything possible to recover wounded game. Nobody likes to leave the field without finding their deer, at least not without giving it our honest best effort. Try FineBlood™…. it helps you find the trail again!

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In the past my family and I have spent HOURS tracking wounded deer. Most of the time we recover them but often times the blood trail turns cold and it takes us a long time to find the next drop or speck of blood. We move on to the next drop or speck, only to repeat this process over and over again often taking hours of tracking time. With your Fineblood Bloodfinder, we were able to recover my doe that traveled 150 yards after being stuck with an arrow in less than an hour. It took us a few sprays to determine what was truly blood and what was false positives but once we were able to determine that, our process moved rapidly. When there was a solid blood trail, we just used our flashlights. When the trail slowed or seemingly stopped, we used your spray to help us get back on track.

I would definitely recommend your product to others who are looking for a tracking aid. It won't replace your flashlight and some intense examination of the foliage you are walking through but it will increase your chances and confidence of recovering your deer. I plan to have a bottle with me every time I go out hunting!

Steve Everts
Greenville, WI

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