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As hunters we've all been there when the shot has been made and you have to find that all-important blood trail. The shot may not have been the best one and maybe you even watched helplessly as the animal ran off, out of sight. Then that sick feeling settled into your gut, as you contemplated whether you will ever find it. No matter how seasoned a hunter, there are those times when our tracking skills alone may not be enough. We believe it is our duty to the animals and the hunting tradition to give it our best searching effort. FineBlood helps you when you find yourself in that kind of situation.

When you need to find that precious clue – a tiny drop of blood, Fineblood is one more tool; one more chance; one more way to find the blood and recover your animal.

We have each experienced the pain and frustration of losing a blood trail after the shot was made. We have lost animals. We have gone home tired, cold, hungry, and empty-handed. We have tried some of the other commercially available products supposed to aid in the tracking of wounded game, but none of the products worked well and some did not work at all. So, we decided to create a reliable product that could help conscientious sportsman better track a blood trail and locate the animal following the shot.

We were driven by the goal of giving sportsman another tool to aid them in the recovery of wild game…after the shot. We believe we have attained that goal in the creation of FineBlood.

It has been a wonderful journey and we are very excited to share FineBlood with other sportsmen everywhere. We want FineBlood to be that "friend" that helps you track your game!

We are two regular guys with a few common passions. #1 Serving God our Creator and giving Him all the glory and praise for everything we do. #2 We thank God for blessing us with awesome families. #3 Our love and appreciation for the outdoors and hunting. We thank and praise God for bringing success to the development of FineBlood. He is the source of our strength. 10% of all sales proceeds (not just profits) will be going to various Christian charities to support the spread of the Gospel to a hungry and thirsty world; changing lives and making a difference to those in need.

We know that once you have relied on FineBlood to find your trophy successfully in even the most demanding circumstances, your hunting experience and tradition will always include a bottle of FIneBlood.

Thank you and God Bless!
Nathan and Shad

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