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Fine Blood: Bloodfinder

FineBlood™ is a specially formulated spray made for hunters to help track wounded game after the shot has been made. Simply spray FineBlood™ in the area where blood is thought to be, and if there is any blood present, it will instantly glow a bright blue color. Modeled after the concept of forensics used by law enforcement in crime scene blood detection, FineBlood™ brings the power of forensics to the hunter.

FineBlood™ reveals blood from wounded game in even the smallest drops by making the blood glow in the dark. On contact with any blood, FineBlood™ will make the blood glow a brilliant blue color. But, unlike many forensic aids, FineBlood™ does not need an extra light source to work. It makes blood light up like a Christmas tree!

When tracking wounded game through difficult areas like marsh grass, cornfields, pines, or wet fallen leaves, FineBlood™ will immediately make the bloodtrail instantly visible to the hunter. Don’t lose another deer or bear to a skimpy bloodtrail! Use FineBlood™ to get you back on track!

The supply for the 2015 hunting season is limited - please order now!

See it in Action!

After the shot, finding your deer or bear may be quite difficult. For example, if your deer or bear runs through thick pines, the bloodtrail may be nearly impossible to locate. When sprayed in any area or any kind of surface where blood is present, FineBlood™ will instantly make the blood glow a bright blue color.

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