Q: What is the best way to use FineBlood™?

A: Spray FineBlood™ on a spot or area where you have already found blood. You will see the bright blue glow. This bright blue glow shows you how FineBlood™ looks when applied to blood. Do not use in high winds, and do not spray when it can get into your eyes or mouth.

Q: Will FineBlood™ work in the rain or when it has been raining?

A: FineBlood™ will work in all conditions, except extremely sub-freezing temperatures. FineBlood™ will reveal if blood is present after a shot has been made regardless of terrain or surface. If there is any blood present, FineBlood™ will make it glow!

Q : Do I need a special light to make FineBlood™ work?

A: No. FineBlood™ will make the blood glow a bright blue color all by itself. All you need to do is spray it; if any blood is there it will instantly glow blue.

Q: How can I tell if FineBlood™ is working?

A: Spray FineBlood™ on a spot of known blood and see the bright blue glow. If no glow is present and you are CERTAIN you sprayed it on blood, please contact us immediately. Save the remaining amount of FineBlood™ in your bottle. We will send you a shipping label to send it back to us for testing. This may indicate that there is an issue with the chemical formulation of your bottle. We are absolutely certain that FineBlood™ will make blood glow.

Q: Does FineBlood™ work in the daytime?

A: No. FineBlood™ is designed for night tracking. We are working on a version of FineBlood™ that may be used for daytime tracking, but it is not ready for release to the public yet.

Q: Does FineBlood™ make other stuff glow besides blood?

A: Sometimes. This phenomenon is called a false positive. In most cases, false positives are easily distinguished. False positives will normally be fainter and will not last as long as when sprayed on blood. The best way to learn the difference is to spray FineBlood™ on a known spot or area of blood and note the brightness difference. If sprayed on fresh fecal material, FineBlood™ will likely glow as bright as when applied to blood. So, use on a field that has recently seen a manure spreader may cause problems for the tracker.

Q: Is FineBlood™ safe?

A: FineBlood™ is as safe as any other product when used according to the directions. Please consult the warning label on the bottle for more information regarding the safe use and handling of FineBlood™. In case of emergency, consult a physician.

Q: After you add the “activator pouch” to your bottle and store it your bottle may “swell” or expand. Why?

A: After applying the activator pouch to your bottle any “unused” amount may cause the bottle to “swell” or expand. The reason is because there is a very small amount of iron in the water that is in FineBlood. This creates the reaction and causes the bottle to swell. For storage of any unused FineBlood we suggest either taking nozzle off (In a safe place that it will not spill and hidden from children) or periodically spray your bottle if you see it swelling.

Q: How many “activator pouches” should I add to my bottle?

A: You ONLY need 1 “activator pouch” to be applied when you START tracking. Once you have “activated” your bottle it will be effective for 3 to 4 months (bottle may swell or expand as previously discussed). You can add another “activator pouch” (sold separately) to the unused FineBlood in future years. Estimate how much you have left in your bottle and add the same estimated amount from your “activator pouch.” For example: 50% unused FineBlood would only need about 50% “activator pouch.”

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