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2013 supplies are no longer available for purchase on the website.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to a GREAT 2014 hunting season with additional "tracking" aids that we'll be introducing in as well as FineBlood™!

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FineBlood™ helps you track wounded game after the shot has been made by making blood glow in the dark, instantly making it a brilliant blue color. No external light source is needed to make the blood glow. FineBlood™ works exceptionally well when tracking blood trails through tall grass, marsh grass, cornfields, open dirt, or dry leaves. FineBlood™ works in the rain, on wet trails, on snow, and on dry trails. When you want to give up, FineBlood™ helps you get back on the trail! Old trails, rained on trails, dry trails, FineBlood™ reveals them all! Works only at night.

The supply for the 2015 hunting season is limited!

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